Môžete prispieť ľubovoľnou sumou na náš účet – peniaze sa využijú na ubytovanie, prevádzku a stravu pre utečencov na chate Borda, kde momentálne vieme vytvoriť priestor pre 55 ľudí na dlhší čas.

Bankové spojenie: Československá obchodná banka, a.s.
IBAN: SK86 7500 0000 0040 2218 8858

Variabilný symbol: 500
Do poznámky: Ukrajina

Sme v kontakte s viacerými organizáciami s ktorými situáciu sledujeme a peniaze pošleme tam, kde ich budú práve potrebovať.


The Borda cottage is situated in the woods (but only 2 kms from main road). It is used in summer camps for children and youth.
We believe that it will serve young families and the elderly just as well. It will  be necessary to purchase other equipment needed for these groups of people for their daily lives. But this will only become clear when we accommodate them and identify their specific needs. We would like to receive people as soon as possible, because the need is increasing from day to day. 

Cottage in Borda is able to accommodate up to 55 people in the long run. Heating and electricity for 1 month of operation will cost about 6000 euros. Therefore, such help from you would help us a lot.  If you had the opportunity to make a collection, it would really help to start the cottage.

You can send financial contributions to account number : SK86 7500 0000 0040 2218 8858  
Name account: Carmel centrum n.o. 
Payment note: Ukraine